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The all new Reali PricePredictor.
Your key to winning the home you want.
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Saving time and money

Home buyers have seen it all. From homes intentionally underpriced to spark bidding wars, to placing multiple offers on homes before actually winning one. What buyers want more than anything else is to understand the true selling price of a home.
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Winning Probability
Listing Price $825,000
Price Difference + $61K (7.5%)

The scale of success

With Reali's new PricePredictor, buyers like you can cut to the part you really want to know: the actual selling price of a home. The PricePredictor is our way of helping you get as close to the final selling price without under or overbidding. Yes, Reali.

200+ attributes of a home

The PricePredictor takes into account historical data, and human insight from Reali Experts and gets smarter over time.
Hihgher odds
Higher Odds
The PricePredictor only appears on homes with the most data, with figures in the 90th percentile.

Magic in the numbers

Traditionally we’ve relied on humans to run comparisons of homes in an area to determine a home’s estimated value. The question still lingers: What should your offer be?

Reali uses AI and real market data to potentially save consumers hundreds of thousands of dollars when helping them decide how much to offer considering their budget.

A machine-learning based model that produces probabilities of winning a home at various offer prices.
Download the Reali app and search for homes with the PricePredictor icon. Just tap the Price Predictor icon and swipe on the slider scale. The percents in the slider represent the winning probability and show various offer prices.
Yes, definitely. The PricePredictor is meant to provide buyers with a quick look at what a home could sell for. We still recommend asking a Reali Expert to run comps in parallel so you can make an informed decision when placing your offer.

Data and brains that deliver results

The PricePredictor is a machine-learning based model that offers up probabilities of winning a home at various offer prices via the Reali app. In the same way a weather forecaster might tell you there’s a 20% chance of rain tomorrow, the PricePredictor model might estimate you have a 95% chance of winning this home.
The all new Reali Price Predictor.
Your key to winning the home you want.
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A data-driven team

Data powers everything at Reali. Our global data science team is taking real estate to the next level. We’re developing a suite of intelligent products that take the complexity out of decision making and will make the entire real estate transaction process more delightful. Yes, Reali.